Himalaya Media Announces Separation from Spinoff HiStudios

1 min readMar 3, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO (March 3, 2020) — Himalaya Media announces that it will separate from its spinoff company HiStudios. Creating two standalone media entities will allow both businesses to grow according to their own strategic priorities.

According to CEO Wang Yu, “Charting separate trajectories will allow both companies to better connect with their audiences and drive revenue based on their respective vertical focuses. Himalaya will continue to support podcast creators by offering monetization opportunities via our Premium platform. We are excited to pivot Himalaya’s production focus toward developing original audio education content.”

Himalaya is a podcast platform, content network, and original production studio based in San Francisco. Its lead investor, Ximalaya FM, is one of the world’s most successful and fastest-growing audio networks, with 600M+ users.

Moving into 2020, Himalaya will focus on growing its Premium podcast service, and will turn to developing, distributing, and investing in original education content, including shows on history, literature, psychology, business, career development, communication, problem-solving, and wellness.

Based in Los Angeles, HiStudios will rebrand itself as Notorious.

“We thank Wang Yu and the team at Himalaya Media in supporting our unique vision at launch and we look forward to continuing to reshape a new era of news,” said Notorious CEO, Peter Vincer.

The division takes place immediately.




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